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The adventure Anthony and Thibaut do will link Aix-en-Provence North Cape (Northern Norway), bike in 60 days. Starting Saturday, April 7, 2012, expected return Thursday, June 7, 2012.
This trip they imagined and prepared does not fit in a race organized, it will be realized only in the context defined by their will, beliefs and commitments.

Cycle along the 6000 km that separate their living from the northernmost point of Europe is foremost a sporting challenge.
Crossing a part of Europe is required (France, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway) and the time for it is voluntarily reduced because the sporting challenge that is of this adventure is a key aspects.
The average distance traveled daily and will be approximately 100 km, with a weekly day of rest. She can not bear comparison with that of the Tour de France, for example, because the actors certainly did not have the same physical abilities on the one hand, equipment and loads will be different from the other, but also and especially because this is not the goal.
Rather than exploit, they believe it is a great human adventure for them and realize that the people who support them and an adventure with other dimensions and interest to their partners.
At an average speed of 20 km / h, and with a cargo estimated at 20 kg, 300 hours of effort are required for each cyclist undertaking this adventure.
Energy expenditure approximates the energy required for lighting 2 years (11W lamp lit for 16 910 h), or the energy of a 20 L tank of gasoline.
Pretend to connect the Provence of the North Cape by passing a source of electrical energy or combustion appears marginal in our modern societies, but want to be closer to the idea once in his life is a challenge, sports and human burden.

Seeking a limited energy dependence is displayed for this bike trip, and equipment are selected according to this criterion in particular. Wild camping is widely favored.
The departure of this trip will be from their respective places of life in Provence. The bike trip does not seem to tolerate the idea of ??borrowing a train or plane to move the starting point of their homes.
As for the point of arrival, it is the northern end of Europe, northern Norway that is beautiful country. This goal stands as a symbol, Scandinavia, the lifestyle of its own, searching for a close proximity between humans and nature, respect it.
The arrival at North Cape is scheduled for 4 and 6 June 2012. At the end of the world, where the sun never sets.
This trip also includes necessarily social and cultural dimensions, each of their steps they will explore, through meetings and exchanges, they intend to develop.

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